Upcoming Event: When Pets Pass On

When Pets Pass On Weds, 20 January 2021, 10-1pm (GMT)

The Pet Loss Network

Pets are members of approximately half all UK households, a trend common throughout much of the western world. But pets’ relatively short life spans mean that families inevitably face the heartbreak of pet bereavement, from making agonising decisions about the end of life to coping with feelings of loss and bereavement. The ‘When Pets Pass On’ initiative aims at creating a network of pet people, artists, practitioners and researchers to contextualise pet bereavement historically and cross culturally and to work towards developing models of good practice in pet death and bereavement.

The second of three inter-related workshops will take place on 20 January 2021, 10-1pm (GMT).

Part 1: Spaces & Rites for Pet Death

Ambiguous Emotions at Pet Cemeteries: Nora Schuurman (University of Turku, Finland) and David Redmalm (Mälardalen University, Sweden)

Pet Personhood, rites for both of us: Douglas Davies (Durham University)

Part 2: Good Practice in Pet Death

Caring for the Caregiver: Enhancing Support during a Pet’s End of Life: Angie Arora (Seneca College, Toronoto)

“I Couldn’t Be a Vet!”: Ruth Serlin (Royal Veterinary College, London)

Please Note: This workshop addresses issues of pet death. It may not be suitable for everyone. We advise caution, especially if you have just lost a pet. If you need to talk to someone about pet loss, you can contact Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Services on 0800 096 6606 or email pbssmail@bluecross.org.uk

The event is free but you will need to register (for free) via Eventbrite.

The event will be hosted by Julie-Marie Strange (Durham University) and Diane James (Blue Cross).

Diane James is Manager of Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service, as well as the vital helpline support service, Diane is part of research teams and delivers talks and co-founded this collaborative network.

Julie-Marie Strange is Professor of Modern British History at Durham University. She has published extensively on the history of pets, dogs, death and bereavement. Co-founder of the Network.

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