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Benjamin Arbel
Tel Aviv University
Human attitudes to Animals, from Antiquity onwards

Jack Ashby
University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge
Zoology Museums; Australian Mammals; Decolonising

Nelson Aprobato Filho
University of Sao Paulo
19th and 20th Century; Brazil; Latin America

Joan E. Cashin
Ohio State University
US Revolution – Civil War; Domestication; Wild Animals

Joanna Dean
Carleton University, Ottawa
Canadian; Vivisection; Horses

Alex Fitzpatrick
University of Bradford
Later Prehistory; Zooarchaeology; Domestication

Andy Flack
University of Bristol
20th Century; Nocturnal Animals; Senses

Dibyajyoti Ghosh
University of Calcutta
Early Modern England; Animals in Literature; India

Nicole Gosling
University of Lincoln
Sheep; Veterinary History; Footrot; Agriculture

Michael Guida
University of Sussex
Birds; Pets; Animal sounds; 19th and 20th century

Sunny Harrison
Open University    
Medieval; Health and Disease; Veterinary History

Stephanie Howard-Smith
University of York
Dogs; 18th Century; canine veterinary history

Barbora Hunčovská
Charles University, Prague 
19th Century; Animals in War; Theory & Methodology

Marion Johnson
Independent researcher
Ethnoveterinary; Traditional Breeds; Farm Animals

John M. Kinder
Oklahoma State University
20th century; Zoos; War & Society

Cheryl Lancaster
Durham University
19th Century onward; Lab Animals; History of Biosciences

Elle Larsson
University of Westminster
Natural History; Animal Trading; Zoo History

Max Long
Cambridge University
Mass Media; Zoos; Agriculture

James Lowe      
University of Edinburgh 
Genomics; Agriculture; Genetics

Garry Marvin
University of Roehampton
Ritual; Performance; Hunting     

Felicity McWilliams
Birmingham Museums Trust
20th century; Technology; Horses

Kate Nichols
University of Birmingham
19th century; Art History/Visual Culture; Empire

Catherine Oliver
University of Cambridge
Animals in exploration; Chickens; Urban animals

Lee Raye
The Open University
Medieval & Early Modern; Wildlife; Wild Plants

Harriet Ritvo
18th century-present; Britain/Empire

Mieke Roscher
University of Kassel
Modern history; Zoos; National Socialism

Kim Stallwood
Animal Rights History; Animal Advocacy; Archives

William Strachan
University of Aberdeen     
Meat Inspection/Industry; Veterinary; Public Health

John Stokes
King’s College London
Animals in Literature; Animals in Art; Dog History

Ann Sylph
@ZSLLibrary & @ZooLibrariANN
Women and Zoology; Historic Sciart; ZSL history

Sarah Weir
University of Stirling       
20th century; Dogs; Spay/Neuter

Michael Worboys
University of Manchester
Dog Breeds; Breeding; Diseases

Peter Yeandle
Loughborough University
Zoo histories; Trade; Taxidermy

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