Reading Group

For the time being we’ve made the decision to concentrate on holding the monthly seminars. We will, however, review the situation should people express interest in the reading groups again in the future.

Winter 2016–17

30 November – Cruelty

Hribal, Jason, ‘“Animals Are Part of the Working Class”: a challenge to labor history’, Labor History, 44(4) (2003), 435–453.

Woods, Abigail, ‘From cruelty to welfare: the emergence of farm animal welfare in Britain, 1964–71’, Endeavour, 36(1) (2012), 14–22.

Additional suggestions:

Li, Chien-hui, ‘Mobilizing Christianity in the Antivivisection Movement in Victorian Britain’, Journal of Animal Ethics, 2(2) (2012), 141–161.

The Strand Magazine, Jan–June 1891, pp. 429–436.

14 December – Contagions

Bresalier, Michael and Worboys, Michael, ‘‘Saving the lives of our dogs’: the development of canine distemper vaccine in interwar Britain’, The British Journal for the History of Science, 47(2) (2014), 305–334.

Jones, Susan D. and Teigen, Philip M., ‘Anthrax in Transit: Practical Experience and Intellectual Exchange’, Isis, 99(3) (2008), 455–485.

11 January – Care

Gardiner, Andrew, ‘The ‘Dangerous’ Women of Animal Welfare: how British veterinary medicine went to the dogs’, Social History of Medicine, 27(3) (2014), 466–487.

Grier, Katherine, ‘Childhood Socialisation and Companion Animals: United States, 1820-1870, Society and Animals 7(2) (1999), 95–120.

Additional suggestions:

Woods, Abigail, ‘Science, disease and dairy production in Britain, c. 1927–1980’, Agricultural History Review, 62(2) (2014), 294–314.

8 February – Collecting

Barrow, Mark V., ‘The Specimen Dealer: Entrepreneurial Natural History in America’s Gilded Age’, Journal of the History of Biology, 33(3) (2000). 493–534.

Strasser, Bruno J., ‘Collecting Nature: Practices, Styles and Narratives’, Osiris, 27 (2012), 303-34.

Additional suggestions:

Alberti, Samuel J. M. M., ‘Introduction: The Dead Ark’ in Alberti, Samuel J. M. M. (ed.), The Afterlives of Animals: A Museum Menagerie (Charlottesville, 2011)

22nd March – Catastrophe

 Lübken, Uwe, ‘“Poor Dumb Brutes” or “Friends in Need”? Animals and River Floods in Modern Germany and the United States’ IN Brantz, D. (ed.) Beastly Natures: Animals, Humans, and the Study of History (Virginia, 2010).

 Wynee, Bryan. ‘Misunderstood misunderstanding: social identities and public uptake of science,’ Public Understanding 1 (1992): 281-304.

26th April – Combat

 DiNardo, R. L. & Bay, A., ‘Horse-Drawn Transport in the German Army’, Journal of Contemporary History, 23 (1988), 129–142.

Kirk, R.G. ‘In dogs we trust? Intersubjectivity, response-able relations, and the making of mine detector dogs’, Journal of the History of the Behavioural Sciences, 50 (2014), 1-36.

 24th May – Collecting Evolution

For this week’s reading group, please drop us an email if you plan to attend and we can circulate the papers.

‘Scientific Collections Play Vital Role in Conservation Biology’

Baur, G. ‘On the Origin of the Galapagos Islands’, The American Naturalist, 25 (1891), 217-229.

James, Matthew J. ‘Collecting Evolution: The Vindication of Charles Darwin by the 1905-1906 Galapagos Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences’, Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 61 (2010), 197-210.

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