CFP: Workshop on the history of service animals and animal-assisted therapy

Being Well Together: human-animal collaboration, companionship and the promotion of health and wellbeing (19th-21st September 2018). Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM). University of Manchester (UK). Being Well Together will critically examine the myriad ways humans have formed partnerships with nonhuman species to improve health across time and place. The lateContinue reading “CFP: Workshop on the history of service animals and animal-assisted therapy”

CFP: Animals and Emotions Workshop

Friday November 17th 2017  AHRC Pets and Family Life Project Royal Holloway, University of London (central London base) This workshop will explore the intersection of two important developments in the field of history – the study of animals and the study of the emotions. Interdisciplinary animal studies are well established, but the animal world hasContinue reading “CFP: Animals and Emotions Workshop”