Seminar Recordings

If you missed our latest seminars not to worry, provided we have the speakers permission, they will be posted here for a short time after the event to allow you to catch up.

The seminars are only available as audio files.

14th October 2020

Pet Cemetery: Spaces of Feeling and the Animal Dead, 1880-1950

Julie-Marie Strange, Durham University

11th November 2020

Unnatural Selection: Evolution at the hand of man

Katrina van Grouw, Natural Science Author and Illustrator

9th December 2020

What Is it Like to be a Pigeon? (and why should we care?)

Jon Day, King’s College London

13th January 2021

Animal Celebrity in Agricultural Science: Peering into “Jessie the Window Cow”

Nicole Welk-Joerger, NC State University

17th February 2021

Foot and Mouth Disease Eradication Programs and Animal Management in mid-20th century North America

Rebecca Kaplan, Cain Postdoctoral Fellow

17th March 2021

The Craven Heifer: the biography of a beast

Carl Griffin, University of Sussex

14th April 2021

“Lake Ontario Roamer:” Animal History and the Ongoing Legacy of Jocko the Sea Lion

Keri Cronin, Brock University

12th May 2021

How to survive a viral apocalypse: a rabbit’s tale

Joel Alves, University of Oxford