CFP: Postgraduate Animal Studies Symposium

Registration for this event is now live.

The Postgraduate Animal Studies Symposium (PASS) is a two-day training and conference
event that will bring together postgraduate research students working in the field of animal
studies, organised by the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde. The event will
be held online, via Zoom, on the 24th and 25th May 2021.

PASS responds to a need for an animal studies knowledge exchange event which is
specifically tailored to PGRs, as existing events have tended to showcase established
researchers. We aim to forge new partnerships with animal studies communities across HEIs,
providing researchers with the opportunity to build interdisciplinary connections, and to
benefit from knowledge exchange and networking. It will be the first event of its kind,
offering a programme designed specifically for the needs of PGRs. Over the two days there
will be speaker panels, five-minute thesis presentations, PGR/ECR-led workshop session(s)
and a plenary address by ECR Dr Briony Wickes, Lecturer in English Literature at the
University of Glasgow.
Panels of papers will provide an opportunity for speakers to present longer papers about
their research, while five-minute thesis sessions will offer the chance for other attendees to
give bitesize insights into their work, while gaining feedback. Providing opportunities to
engage with and progress current and future work in the field of animal studies.

We encourage applications from all PGRs, or recently graduated ECRs, who are engaged in
work that has an animal studies focus, regardless of subject or discipline. We welcome papers
that, focus on a specific topic/area of your own research.
Provide an overview of your doctoral research project and methodology, situating
your research within the field of animal studies.

To submit a paper for one of the panels please send a 200-350 word abstract and
a short biography to the below email. Or, if you would prefer to be considered
for the ‘five-minute thesis’ sessions please send a short biography and a brief
overview of your research (including the title of your Masters or PhD thesis.)

Submission deadline – 16th April 2021

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