Food History Seminar Series at the IHR

A new seminar series has recently launched over at the IHR that may also be of interest to those interested in animal history:

Food History, Thursday 17:30pm. Wolfson Room NB01, Basement, IHR, North block, Senate House.

4 October
17:30 ‘This Little Piggy Went to Market…’ A History of Danish Pigs: Food, Farming, Markets and culture
Mary Hilson (Aarhus University)

18 October
17:30 “Oranges, Zionism, and a Barren Land: The Representation of Palestinian Agriculture in the British Media Before the Mandate”
Anne Caldwell (Kent)

1 November
17:30 Gendered Food Politics in the New Orleans Civil Rights Movement & “A very savoury and substantial repast”? Dining experiences at nineteenth-century soup kitchens
Jacqueline Castledine (University of Massachusetts, Amherst ), Philip Carstairs (Leicester)

15 November
17:30 W.O. Atwater and the Minimum Diet for Democracy
Molly Laas (University of Goettingen Medical School)

The series is convened by: Kelly Spring (University of Southern Maine), Elspeth Dow (National Maritime Museum), Katherine Harvey (Birkbeck), Matt Phillpott (School of Advanced Study).

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