Our Network Grows…

The Animal History Group are excited to announce that our network is rapidly growing!

If you are excited about all things animal, then the interdisciplinary research network centred in the Schools of English and History at the University of Kent, is worth checking out. Since their first conference ‘Cosmopolitan Animals’ in 2012, they have been working together to foster collaboration and exchange among animal studies scholars. Looking to expand their network within Kent and beyond, across a wide range of disciplines, the AHG are proud to associate ourselves with this network.

For further information, please visit:

visit https://www.kent.ac.uk/english/research/clusters/animalhumanities.html

Published by animalhistorygroup

The Animal History Group is a research network open to all postgraduates, academics, museum workers and other professionals whose work engages with animals within history. We foster connections between those active in this field within the London area and beyond, with the goal of inspiring, creating and developing new knowledge about the place of animals within history. You can follow us on Twitter at @AnimalHistories or email us at animalhistorygroup@gmail.com

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