Reading Group

The London Animal History Reading Group

Winter 2016–17

You are warmly invited to join the reading group of the Animal History Group – a network open to all postgraduates, academics, museum workers and other professionals whose work engages with animals in history.

Each meeting will be a chance to explore a particular theme within animal history, with the following readings suggested as a starting point for discussion. We’d also love to hear about and discuss relevant recent work being undertaken by attendees.

PDF copies or links to the suggested readings may be available ­– please email for details or to join our mailing list.

The group meets at 4.30pm in the Edgar Wallace pub (Essex Street, London).

30 November – Cruelty

Hribal, Jason, ‘“Animals Are Part of the Working Class”: a challenge to labor history’, Labor History, 44(4) (2003), 435–453.

Woods, Abigail, ‘From cruelty to welfare: the emergence of farm animal welfare in Britain, 1964–71’, Endeavour, 36(1) (2012), 14–22.

Additional suggestions:

Li, Chien-hui, ‘Mobilizing Christianity in the Antivivisection Movement in Victorian Britain’, Journal of Animal Ethics, 2(2) (2012), 141–161.

The Strand Magazine, Jan–June 1891, pp. 429–436.

14 December – Contagions

Bresalier, Michael and Worboys, Michael, ‘‘Saving the lives of our dogs’: the development of canine distemper vaccine in interwar Britain’, The British Journal for the History of Science, 47(2) (2014), 305–334.

Jones, Susan D. and Teigen, Philip M., ‘Anthrax in Transit: Practical Experience and Intellectual Exchange’, Isis, 99(3) (2008), 455–485.

11 January – Care

Gardiner, Andrew, ‘The ‘Dangerous’ Women of Animal Welfare: how British veterinary medicine went to the dogs’, Social History of Medicine, 27(3) (2014), 466–487.

Grier, Katherine, ‘Childhood Socialisation and Companion Animals: United States, 1820-1870, Society and Animals 7(2) (1999), 95–120.

Additional suggestions:

Woods, Abigail, ‘Science, disease and dairy production in Britain, c. 1927–1980’, Agricultural History Review, 62(2) (2014), 294–314.

8 February – Collecting

Barrow, Mark V., ‘The Specimen Dealer: Entrepreneurial Natural History in America’s Gilded Age’, Journal of the History of Biology, 33(3) (2000). 493–534.

Strasser, Bruno J., ‘Collecting Nature: Practices, Styles and Narratives’, Osiris, 27 (2012), 303-34.

Additional suggestions:

Alberti, Samuel J. M. M., ‘Introduction: The Dead Ark’ in Alberti, Samuel J. M. M. (ed.), The Afterlives of Animals: A Museum Menagerie (Charlottesville, 2011)

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