Animal History Reading Group

Winter 2016–17

You are warmly invited to join the reading group of the Animal History Group – a network open to all postgraduates, academics, museum workers and other professionals whose work engages with animals in history.

Each meeting will be a chance to explore a particular theme within animal history, with the following readings suggested as a starting point for discussion. We’d also love to hear about and discuss relevant recent work being undertaken by attendees.

PDF copies or links to the suggested readings may be available ­– please email for details or to join our mailing list.

The group meets at 4.30pm in the Edgar Wallace pub (Essex Street, London).
30 November – Cruelty

Hribal, Jason, ‘“Animals Are Part of the Working Class”: a challenge to labor history’, Labor History, 44(4) (2003), 435–453.

Woods, Abigail, ‘From cruelty to welfare: the emergence of farm animal welfare in Britain, 1964–71’, Endeavour, 36(1) (2012), 14–22.

Additional suggestions:

Li, Chien-hui, ‘Mobilizing Christianity in the Antivivisection Movement in Victorian Britain’, Journal of Animal Ethics, 2(2) (2012), 141–161.

The Strand Magazine, Jan–June 1891, pp. 429–436.

14 December – Contagions

Bresalier, Michael and Worboys, Michael, ‘‘Saving the lives of our dogs’: the development of canine distemper vaccine in interwar Britain’, The British Journal for the History of Science, 47(2) (2014), 305–334.

Jones, Susan D. and Teigen, Philip M., ‘Anthrax in Transit: Practical Experience and Intellectual Exchange’, Isis, 99(3) (2008), 455–485.

11 January – Care

Gardiner, Andrew, ‘The ‘Dangerous’ Women of Animal Welfare: how British veterinary medicine went to the dogs’, Social History of Medicine, 27(3) (2014), 466–487.

Grier, Katherine, ‘Childhood Socialisation and Companion Animals: United States, 1820-1870, Society and Animals 7(2) (1999), 95–120.

Additional suggestions:

Woods, Abigail, ‘Science, disease and dairy production in Britain, c. 1927–1980’, Agricultural History Review, 62(2) (2014), 294–314.

8 February – Collecting

Barrow, Mark V., ‘The Specimen Dealer: Entrepreneurial Natural History in America’s Gilded Age’, Journal of the History of Biology, 33(3) (2000). 493–534.

Strasser, Bruno J., ‘Collecting Nature: Practices, Styles and Narratives’, Osiris, 27 (2012), 303-34.

Additional suggestions:

Alberti, Samuel J. M. M., ‘Introduction: The Dead Ark’ in Alberti, Samuel J. M. M. (ed.), The Afterlives of Animals: A Museum Menagerie (Charlottesville, 2011)

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The Animal History Group is a research network open to all postgraduates, academics, museum workers and other professionals whose work engages with animals within history. We foster connections between those active in this field within the London area and beyond, with the goal of inspiring, creating and developing new knowledge about the place of animals within history. You can follow us on Twitter at @AnimalHistories or email us at

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