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Call for Papers – Work in Progress Feedback Group

The Animal History Group was founded in 2016 as a network to connect all those involved with animals in history, whether through academia, museums and archives, animal-focused professions or simply general interest. For the 2020-21 academic year we have moved online and planned our activities to respond to the new challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently UK-based but actively welcome participation from our international colleagues.

As part of our forthcoming online programme, we are launching a new venture – an occasional series of workshops for a small group of animal history scholars to share and discuss work in progress. We hope that participants will take advantage of the opportunity to learn and receive feedback on each others’ work – particularly for those who are intellectually isolated from other people working on animal history, this process can be very useful, both for readers and contributors. Sessions will be limited to no more than ten participants, who must register beforehand so that we can circulate the work in progress and be sure to provide a supportive and secure environment for the discussion of unpublished work. An AHG co-convenor will attend and facilitate every session.

If you would like to participate in our work in progress discussions programme, or have any questions about the venture, please get in touch at animalhistorygroup@gmail.com. Contributions are welcomed from authors at every career stage and on any aspect of animal history, from anywhere in the world – the only requirement is that they are written in English. We advise that submissions should preferably be less than 12,000 words, with a hard limit of 15,000 words. We expect that most contributions would be chapters from PhD theses or papers intended for publication, but conference papers, book chapters, plans for potential exhibitions or new interpretations of museum collections, etc. are also very welcome. Content may concern any species, aspect of human-animal interaction or historical period – previous AHG conference material has ranged from discussion of horseshoes in classical civilisation to exploring the significance of whale strandings in contemporary society!

Please send us a rough outline of your topic, and let us know what sort of questions or assistance you seek from participants. We will arrange a mutually convenient time for the workshop, publicise it to our membership, arrange registration and circulate your work to the participants beforehand. Those interested in participating as readers will be able to sign up for workshops on a first come, first served basis, so also keep an eye out for advertised topics that interest you!

The first deadline for submissions is 30 September 2020, but further opportunities to participate will be advertised later in the academic year subject to demand.

Email: animalhistorygroup@gmail.com

Twitter: @AnimalHistories